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Followers are worried about star Johnny Depp’s health after seeing a picture of him where he looked skinny, haggard and pale on Instagram.

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Depp, the 54-year-old from Owensboro, Kentucky, known for “Pirates of the Carribean” Movies, took numerous pictures with enthusiasts as he moves Europe with his music group, Hollywood Vampires.

In one of many Instagram pictures published to public media, Depp was looking pale, skinny and was no more wearing his signature long hair and goatee.  “How come he looking so skinny[?], hope he is okay,” commented Paul Bevan.

Another user speculated that Depp may have been finding your way through an upcoming movie role. “I’m praying for Johnny that he is ok & this is for a movie,” Instagram user Ruthellyn Brown said. “If not and he’s in fact sick he’s in my deepest prayers as well.”

Depp was seen sporting a mohawk on tour also. While enthusiasts on social media were quick to critique Depp’s appearance, others tried to curb the speculation. “People, I do not get it!,” Twitter-user Andrelope6695 said. “Isn’t it normal to look tired on airports after spending many evenings with playing concerts, conference many supporters and traveling forth and back for times? He isn’t 30 any more!”



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